Project Description
Fast Networking Library makes network communications fast and easy to do for any coder from beginner to advanced. You'll no longer have to write your own from scratch every time as we aim to support as much as we possibly can.

New UDP Implementation and Message Queuing release introduces UDP support with reliability & sequencing modes.

Now with TCP flowcontrol and message queuing.

Fast Networking Library aims to provide an easy-to-use, open source and extensible library for network communications. Currently it supports TCP client/server setups and the the new release introduces UDP support. The library also proivdes game servers and clients to make online games easier to create and code for.

For Gaming
The library was originally written for online gaming and so support for online gaming is in-built in the form of extended, Specialised servers and clients. The library makes online gaming easy to manage and host providing ManagerServer and GameServer classes along with ManagerServerClient and GameServerClient classes which implement the key bits of online gaming. This includes GameServer automatically connecting to a specified ManagerServer to asdd itself to its list.

For more information please see the documentation

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